A Syrian Senior Graphic Designer, Photographer, Podcaster & Youtuber.
I possess twelve years of experience in various design areas, from creating logo identities to building complete campaigns. My passion for creativity and illustration is showcased throughout my designs and in turn, has made me thrive and grow with my clients. I take value in creating unique concepts and turning visions into reality.
My love for photography led me to create Syria Street Photographers, a platform that encompasses the talents of like-minded Syrian photographers. I founded this program to encourage upcoming talent and build an online community to share ideas and work. 
My weekly Arabic episodes on Artoholics podcast provide art lovers a variety of artistic discussions and exclusive interviews with a group of talented artists from all areas of the arts to learn about the importance of art in our lives and how it brings us all together.
Collaborations are built with initial hello's and can lead to something bigger! And I am always ready to meet new people and take on challenging projects. Take a step towards your successful future and feel free to contact me on any of your favorite platforms. 
One thing you can depend on when working with George is his honesty and in depth knowledge of the digital world. George created a logo for my brand based on my requirements and made sure that I understood how my design work would be reflected on different mediums. Therefore, George not only created graphic design work, but also educated me on the trends of today. I was really pleased with his digital work and loved my logo. He also took extra time to attend to any extra requirements and made sure he finalized everything as he said it would be.
Darlene Haddad
Psychology Consultant, Optimizing Minds

Special thanks to the artist and graphic designer George Missi @georgemissidesignstudio for designing all the branding and advertisements related to Artokids club. All what you do is art, all what you support is art, I'm lucky to have you beside me doing this...its big and means a lot.
Reem Missi
Artokids Club

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